Variant Loodsenbouw

Variant Loodsenbouw is a company with decades of experience in the field of rentals, sales, (dis)assembling and insulation of Romney buildings, Nissen huts, and Variant buildings. Experienced at home and abroad, as literally and figuratively speaking this fast-growing market has no limits because of the wide applicability of these structures.

Examples of these are storage space for a wide variety of goods and materials, a used car showroom, a garage, a cowshed, a boathouse, a sawing shed, warehouses, temporary party space, in short ? You name it, and we will take care of it; from start to finish, so including the interior design.

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Variant Loodsenbouw

Variant Loodsenbouw can offer you the building that meets your requirements quickly and professionally. Extensive experience in renting out, selling, moving, and renovating buildings make Variant Loodsenbouw an expert in this field.
We are located in Ouderkerk a/d IJssel, nearby Gouda and Rotterdam and have a spacious workshop, vast storage capacity, our own means of transportation, and experienced assembly teams.


Variant Loodsenbouw rents out the different buildings and you are free to choose the interior design. Variant Loodsenbouw rents out:

  • Insulated buildings
  • Buildings
  • Warehouse and pallet racks
  • Lighting + distribution board
  • Heating
  • Industrial plates and floors

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Variant Loodsenbouw